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Managing Healthcare Risk in a Networked World

Independently conducted by Ponemon Institute LLC  |  Sponsored by Michigan Healthcare Cybersecurity Council


Healthcare leaders recognize the valuable amount of patient data and financial information their organizations generate, store, and process daily. Those that manage healthcare risk have clear evidence that cybersecurity threats pose increasing risk to patient care, business operations, finances, and brand credibility. As the health marketplace increasingly relies upon technology to provide significant advancements across the care spectrum, medical professionals (and all who support them) must have confidence in the integrity and security of the digital data they access in order to respond quickly to critical care issues.

Balancing the need for regulatory compliance, patient privacy, and data security, while concurrently sharing patient information quickly with those that need access to it, can be a double-edge sword. Healthcare providers, like other businesses, are looking for more insightful intelligent, and secure management tools as they accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and transition to the cloud. However, it is important to recognize that digital transformation, while providing numerous opportunities, also increases network complexity, criticality, and risk.

For this reason, the Michigan Healthcare Cybersecurity Council has partnered with the globally recognized research organization, the Ponemon Institute, LLC., to conduct a Michigan-based survey to better understand and reduce cybersecurity risks within Michigan healthcare provider organizations.